2 Lead with Love

Helping dogs and educating their owners.

Charities We Love...

All of these wonderful humane or animal welfare organizations are very dear to us. We can confidently say that we support the mission of these organization and are proud to assist them in the daunting and never ending task of saving the lives of dogs and placing them in wonderful homes.

Service Animal Project

Why We Love SAP!

SAP is a very small operation. Don't let their size fool you. These ladies work tirelessly to achieve their mission of finding shelter dogs that will be appropriate as life saving assistants to veterans that suffer from PTSD or TBI and 2 Lead with Love gets the pleasure and privilege of evaluating and helping to prepare these dogs for the very important mission ahead of them. Truly a life saving organization for both canines and the human veterans they are destined to help. Check them out on facebook and like their page to keep up with all of their new dogs and recent "graduates". www.facebook.com/united4life

Why SAP loves 2 Lead With Love:

Our success depends on how well our dogs perform once they are down at K9s For Warriors. Thanks to Kayla’s vast assessment knowledge and experience coupled with her phenomenal training abilities, every single dog that Kayla has worked with that we have taken down to K9s has been accepted and loved by them. To the point that when they have a dog ‘wash out’ of the program (never a SAP dog) they immediately call us and ask us to fill that spot with one of our dogs.

We marvel at Kayla’s patience and sense of humor when working with some of our less cooperative dogs. If she sees potential, she does not give up but goes the extra mile to send them down the very best they can be. She has also been invaluable in teaching us how to work with the dogs ourselves.

Bottom line, thanks to Kayla’s phenomenal skill set coupled with a good dose of Kayla magic, we are able to pull from local shelters the more rambunctious dogs that are more likely to be put down. All of this plus the generosity of her clients truly saves lives. Both 4 footed and 2 footed.

Donation Information:

Checks should be made payable to FHS Service Animal Project and mailed to Service Animal Project, c/o of FHS, P.O. Box 126, Tryon, NC 28782. You can also donate online at www.foothillshumanesociety.org and click on Service Animal Project.