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Helping dogs and educating their owners.


Dogs are very simple to understand if you try and see things from their perspective. The problem is, most humans approach problems from a human point of view. We think about what we would need to overcome a fear. Or we try and give our dogs comfort in the way we would need to be comforted. The simple truth is, dogs don't think like people. Dogs are not people and they have no desire to be. Dogs have a different set of needs, instincts, and emotional values than humans do. When you can start to see how they understand the world around them it becomes very easy to give them what they need. Overcoming behavioral problems becomes possible and forming a lasting bond with your dog happens overnight. 


Why do we do what we do? Here at 2 Lead with Love we are all about simple answers and simple solutions. The simple answer for why we are in business is because dogs deserve better. Dogs deserve better than being misunderstood and under appreciated. They deserve better than being cruelly dominated or treated like they have no brain in between their ears. They deserve to be understood and have owners that lead them fairly. They deserve to live up to their full potential as man's true best friend. By actively helping dogs overcome their past issues and educating their owners as to how to avoid problems in the future our goal is to give dogs and their best friends a happier life full of leadership and love.


2 Lead with Love is under the direct leadership of Kayla Parrish. Kayla has been working with dogs since 2006 and many would say that helping dogs is clearly her calling in life. In the past ten years she has worked with over 5,000 dogs of all shapes and sizes. In 2006 Kayla adopted her first dog. The pit bull mix pictured above in the center is Brutus. Brutus was, to say the least, a bit of a problem child. Most of his history is unknown but it is believed he started out life in a pit bull fighting ring. He was about a year and a half old and had absolutely no manners on top of several behavioral issues. Soon after he arrived home it became clear that Kayla had her work cut our for her. After consulting several trainers about his dog aggression, dominance, possessive tendencies, and complete lack of leash manners and physical boundaries, not to mention his knack for escaping and running through the neighborhoods, Kayla became disheartened. No one could offer her any answers that worked.

Instead of giving up she started trying. She read articles and books and watched videos and only one method really seemed to stick. After collecting information from a lot of sources and studying how certain methods worked with her dog, she started piecing together a leadership concept that would take care of most behavioral issues. After putting her own personal spin on methodology she quickly learned that she had an instinct for timing and could judge a dogs energy and intention. She began volunteering at the rescue from which she adopted Brutus and the rest is history. Since that time she has worked with several private rescues, humane societies, and humane organizations helping "rescue" dogs of all varieties overcome their many behavioral problems. She has also worked with hundreds of owners and their personal pets helping them overcome issues that affected their relationships and daily lives.

Kayla has a genuine love for dogs that comes from a deep sense of understanding and compassion. Dogs under her instruction are always treated fairly and trained according to what is in their best interest. Rest assured that at 2 Lead with Love, your dog is not only in good hands but the best hands.


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Please no drop ins. Hours are by appointment only so that clients are ensured undivided attention.

Hours: By appointment only.